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So you have mentioned quite a few stages to creating one of these types of videos. So I guess we begin at the start, you mentioned prep. Would you take us through that which means
Okay. So Chris, he probably loves football? Can he have a team? Liverpool. Liverpool. Okay. And is there an opposing team that just, it's just a rivalry? There's a Coupole probably the biggest ones. Manchester United, which everybody knows. Okay. Okay. So there is heavy competition, like any friction. Okay. First thing would be like, fine, if we are going to really produce a movie, we have to get a purpose of the movie. The number two is we need to identify our audience. Who Do we want watching this video? So I would say it would be people that are Liverpool fans like your brother, like hardcore Liverpool. Okay. And we need to start breaking down of some of the things which they, they sort of rally around that would have them excited. And what would be among those things that you'd think, well, beating Manchester United goals.
The way you'd then strategy that. Yeah. We did lots of research ahead. We were doing a great deal of preparation. Now we would like to start executing on these matters. Uh, and for me there's a formula for each and every video and this formulation is exactly what creators will need to create to themselves. And there is a few elements to this formulation it, that it's universal for everyone. The very first one is, which we prepared for is a hook. We need to catch their attention. Now that hook is different on youtube versus Facebook. Let me give an illustration of that to you. Like on youtube the hook would be like five seconds. And on Facebook it is gonna be entirely different since you are, you might have audio on or not. As you are kind of flipping through their feed, and you perhaps just have a , a, maybe a second to 3 seconds.
And even on Instagram, it is likely to be different. And so looking at that, it is similar to that hook is similar to the most important part. And I would actually place a lot of effort and energy to try and work out how you're going to captivate people's attention and the way you suck them into the content. Now after that, after the hook, you may actually reinforce your brandnew. So if you've got a brand, you can have a element. This is an optional thing. Uh, it truly depends on which type of content that is video you're creating, you know, also, and then two, you are moving to the meat of the content. Now here's something which I found over, you know, 40 some odd billion movie views. It's like folks have a tolerance to observe. And if you've dropped in this class I don't know, but I, I've been around Facebook earlier and I've never turned to the sound.
Concerning make one of them? Yeah. Instead of preparing and it is really interesting because a great deal of people, they are more about doing. And I discovered that if you really wish to succeed, it's about the groundwork of understanding exactly what you're going to do, the way you are going to do it. So I like to start to determine why I'm making the movie. It ought to have a very special function. I think it'd be pertinent to really have you proceed through this process. What exactly does that sound great? Okay. So let's just say that you are attempting to sell some mix. Okay. And you are trying to sell it. You have some product or anything. Okay. Tell me someone that you really know very well. My own brother and David, um, besides Joey. Okay. So your, your brother David. Okay. Chris. Brother Chris.
Of course. Yeah, that makes sense. Okay. So talking about video editing from kind of my expertise and I am not a professional movie editor and I know how much work goes into doing lots of these things you say, you know, the, the captions Mimi finding, even just placing titles in the top and bottom of your movie can take hours for some people and a few people seeing this may not have any idea how to do this. So I suppose in that respect, can it be worth the opportunity to do that? Is it worth the time to sit down, maybe put time in to editing the video or alternatively spending money with somebody else to kind of, We're going to talk about the 1 sort of video so as to blow up your business, you have to have, but not about what that video is. We are going to discuss create and how to structure that movie also. Let us go.
Now presumably you would choose the content you simply shot with Reese on your telephone or whatever to an editing package or into a post creation. I suppose. Do you sort of want to speak about everything you do in that point? Prepared to distribute
You might have two or three distinct versions of a video and you can test it to like, such as seriously what we do is we will just throw a couple dollars behind it and also see how it converts. If it Works really nicely, you don't need to devote that much cash to work out if people actually click on it, engage with it, how much they watched the movie to find out if it really works. And thus spending the time in post to creating your movie actually engage with the viewer and connect with them on a psychological level, it gives you a higher probability for them to share.
Hey that Jamie here and on behalf of the Click [inaudible] team, welcome back to our movie series where we are discussing video, but more specifically the types of video you should be generating to drive more profit and more cliquey worthy video views to your small business. In the last movie we discussed the condition of this movie marketing market. What's working by today when producing content. In this video we are going to go over the video content at a bit more detail and discuss about ways to create the 1 video you should be generating right now to push more clicks, more traffic, and much more sales on any item or service which you're offering.
So Darryl, at the first video we talked briefly on the type of video content that you should be generating, what favor for anyone that didn't see that or simply to refresh a few memories, which type of video? If there's 1 video you should create um, as a organization, what sort of movie is that? Yeah, for me personally it's a societal video and two to sort of take that a bit further then, um, and kind of remind everyone which type of video that's. Can you explain what a movie is, but that sort of video is so vital?
But the algorithm on youtube otherwise, you know, you'd do it differently onInstagram and different on Twitter. But Facebook, I think a lot of people that are watching this video want to capitalize on that and that is a simple way to sayhello look, if you could get this page that has a reach of let's say you understand, 10,000 enjoys that they actually posted it, who knows just how many of you is they're likely to get. Um, and, and you sort of reaches out to all these different pages submitting where it goes back to your video, and all the analytics gets. Yeah, it's really cool. No, that is cool. Now with blended strategy, like for me, I enjoy organic, but you have infused it with. Advertisements is the best method to get into in the front of the right people at the ideal time. And if you know what you're doing, it could be very, very effective. If you do not understand what you're doing, it is still be effective because as soon as you say, fine, we are doing a video about Liverpool?
You're good. Uh, honestly, in the event that you truly want your video you need to have of the way you are going to disperse it, a preparation stage. So back you are like, okay, who is going to discuss this movie? How are you going to engage with them? You know, is it going to be done through ads organic or is it going to become a mixed strategy in which you really doing organic and adds? Uh, for me, I just love other channels out there. I love other pages on Facebook cause they need to really feed the algorithm. They need to actually obtain their posts outreach. And a lot of people are willing to talk about your video. Uh, but more importantly, they're, they are able to cross post your own video. And therefore it is like coming on their page and it is like an actual content, even it isn't theirs.
Have you have never, you just watched thecaptions and stuff like this? I do. I catch myself. I'm like, why did not I turn it on it? But it's so much better using salad. Right. But it's like individuals consume differently at different times, several times of the day. Um, but what I found is if you can hook them, if you can get that hook, while it's on Facebook, on Youtube, on Instagram, you literally need them for 20 seconds and 20 seconds should be your gold. It is like you need to reinforce that hook or you need to reinforce what your value proposition is to get them in, while it is a name or a thumbnail or however you're pulling them into that movie. You have to reinforce that because if you don't, you are going to have the hockey stick effect. That means you understand, and you not going to have anyone watching it.
We are talking about shooting articles, we're discussing adding texts, including images, animations, and we're also talking about adding captions, Emojis, all that things can be constructed and edited it right inside of [inaudible]. The most important reason we constructed clip Ian was that it's available to absolutely everyone and we are talking even in the event that you've never produced a video before, you want to get into video creation for your company or you're a professional, you can create what you may create anywhere else right inside of Klipfolio and what is more, even in the event that you don't want to take your content clippy or gives you access to an extensive library of movie clips, graphics and sound, she is able to pull all this stuff together to create videos. We'll even throw in templates that are customizable. Therefore, in the event that you fill in a bit uninspired, for example, you can catch one of our pre done video templates, then alter the colours and the text, upload your advertising and your performing clip. Eao is the greatest video creator and it is going to alter the way both novices and professionals create video moving. We cannot wait to show you it, so make certain you put in your email below. Within the video, we are going to pull back the curtain on Filipeo and show you the way this platform functions and how it's likely to change the way that you create content for your company. We'll see you in the next movie.
Right, right. And something which I found is even when you have a video that's performing quite well, you know, um, the way that the algorithm operates on Facebook and other items, it is like maybe in six weeks or seven months you do another cut and upload it, learn from what you have, all the data that's there and say, okay, what if we edited this down because we had a kind of a drop off here. We add, you know, something to pull them in visually here. Uh, you can do that. And, and where you're able to do it you're able to be successful because people will tend to forget what they really saw, you know, from six months ago.
It may kind of look like it's theirs. And that is a really important thing. So going back to your case that we said, hey, if we are going to actually make a video about your brother along with his soccer team about Liverpool, whether it's bad or good or anything, I'd like make a list of every, uh, page on Facebook on Instagram that will be pro or con. Um, you know, that because that is who we want to target, that is who we would like to contact. And believe it or not, you know, getting, uh, those private connections with these individuals is a means to have growth. And I discovered that if you can get like six or five or 10 stations or pages which are like yours that are willing to talk about your content, I suggest that explodes your, your growth, that hastens your, your reach and you're likely to have the perspectives that come with it if you truly have done a great job with your video.
Okay. Ready created the video. So we just don't load it. Yep. That yousay, alright that is just distribution and'd say the Majority of the individuals
Or perhaps linkedin. Yeah. And so that is part of this prep preparatory stage? And what we're attempting to do is figure out, fine, here is what will work on Instagram. Now there is something or a hook that's a tiny bit better on Facebook and here is something different on youtube. So you may have the meat of this material be the same. But you're really shooting the video it's really delivered is a bit different. And where you are actually likely that is, uh, you know, the different ways to connect on various platform.
And what is the first thing which you think he is going to do? Probably share the video, once that connection with the movie matches. He is going to discuss it with not just 1 person, but he's gonna share with everybody that actually likes what's happening, you understand? And that there is absolutely critical. Then the next thing is, uh, really trying to describe what is a great hook cause like you literally only have a few few seconds to grab his attention. And that I believe, okay, what do we do to catch his attention? You know? And, and perhaps it is a caption you understand, Liverpool's sucks. Yeah. I think, I believe this video would be watched by him. You understand what I am saying? And I think that he'd need to be sucked in because he tried to figure out what's going on in that movie.
It is like once you find something cool and you're like, hey, you have ta check this out. You know, we must do that. We've got to that virtual word of mouth. And that is where it's so powerful and that's exactly what the videos that are societal do. And after the core, basically of this content, you've got to get a call to act. Um, also, and you may not believe, well, if it is a societal movie, I'm not really doing it , you know, it's just more of an inspiration or it's merely a [inaudible] or anything. Because are that call to action is still crucial? Like recall when we talked about what's the intention behind the video? Or if it's to market goods, we need to, you know, hit that button directly under the video or to push on them into a landing page. Uh, you know, or whether it is for inspirational, maybe it to unite a trigger, I mean the list goes on.
Well let's just target everybody that enjoys Liverpool, right? And let's target everybody that does not like Liverpool. And let us see if we can get some things happening here, some. And I believe that you can do this with , but it will be really interesting should you infuse a little bit of money. The results. It's possible to get your silently. Definitely. So I think anyone has an overview or a blueprint to make not a video book in, knowing what to make and how to push out there properly and, and those insights, uh incredible. And for anybody watching this right now, we put together. Um that entire blueprinta few distinct things we didn't fit into this video, um, which you can grab below this video.
So it's like getting those hooks. And two, there's those natural hooks within the movie . Like that he got himyou have to reinforce whatever that title is. And I give that some thought. Um, and that the stage before you go onto the next step. But there is one thing that I really, really look at is that which, what origin of moderate are we going to use? Like is it going to become a much better Instagram one afterward than Facebook? Is it going to be much better on youtube or on Twitter? You know, like you got to look at the stage of who you are trying to reach and what's likely to be the best method. Now, one of the biggest errors, it is like, well I'll just distribute it anywhere, you know, and you're creating a video seeking to go on every stage and that's a massive mistake. Yeah.
Yeah, like, such as the video part of the video editing is so critical. It may either break or make a movie. Um, it doesn't matter your script is. It doesn't matter your camera as well as your production is. The editing is really where it the rubber meets the road to see if it is going to work or not. And for mepersonally, once you're able to do it, it is worth the sources worth the time. And when you put it together, it will convert a lot higher. That at the end of the day, that's by far besides prep, uh, you know, the preparation stage, and um and it's like the execution point to the editing has become the most critical.
So we've discussed the initial phase of getting ready for a video preparation of movie. We proceeded making the video and to obviously manufacturing. Can speak a little bit about
When you actually have these bullet points of things that would really get there, get there, get them something which's happening, then attempt to think of what value can you actually bring that person. So there that you may bring value. Uh, with movie content you can expect, you can instruct or instruct, entertain, and sometimes when you are really good you can do all three at precisely the exact same time or you can get two of these. That is when you are really, really great once you're really giving it a lot of thought inside. Now that having been said, as soon as you do that, I attempt to determine what value you are going to attract to your planned audience. Yeah. And in that video, I try to bring those bullet points bring some kind of value. So whether it is like making loyalty to his staff or talking how bad the other team is, that is some value he'll actually find.
So with that, simply to kind of go into this, and would you load the video at first to your page and then contact all these are the pages to let them know it's never, or do you take another strategy? Yeah I really do that at the phase. I am known by me, the videos come in so I achieved because it may require a couple of weeks to get ahold of everyone or whatever. Should you share mine type thing, who knows, maybe you're like, Hey, and uh, I'll discuss your movie. If you are doing PR crossposting 13, that's not a bad thing. Uh, just to share a movie is not where the weight is. Just like you've got to literally cross post it and you need to give permission to cross post your articles to them. And the same for, you know, you're posting their content, but that's kind of this key to Facebook.
Yeah, that is logical. And once you've been through those stages a few times, I guess from looking at these three phases, and you do edits that are distinct which is important as you state. And many people might, you know, she video, I've been guilty of this in the past and it'll throw up believing it's ready without edited stuff. But now I can see just how important because when you find you can continue following that blueprint over and over and over again, it is to perform versions.
That makes sense. Makes Sense. Okay. So that makes complete sense. Um, but something I want to circle back on really fast is that you mentioned if you're creating video and one of the thoughts everybody has, I mean, I've had this before when I have created videos, I'll only share the same movie everywhere. Can you elaborate on why this is a lousy idea? And that is a type of a thought process.
All you have to do is opt in, pop your email in there, we'll send you that manual. So during this movie along with the very first video, we've talked a great deal about creating the perfect video and that includes everything from of course prep, right the way through to actually shooting the movie and then obviously the article of where you have got to edit the movie up in the ideal way and to get the best distribution. Now all of that is very hard. Most people don't have access to camera gear that is expensive to shoot picture content. For example. The majority of people don't have the skills or access to utilize editing applications and that's why we construct Klipfolio. Klipfolio is a web based. Just like the movies we've talked about in the palm of the hand in the two videos.
The article production is probably the most important component of having a great slice of video out there. And the reason why is because you put a lot of work in planning, you spend a lot of time doing manufacturing, but actually where the magic is is actually getting the elements that will truly engage. And also the edit itself, um, is you can create pacing and that pacing will keep people's attention the whole time. Uh at is like we are, we're trying to figure out how we're going to distribute it. We would do it otherwise compared to Facebook. As an instance. We'd be in a 16, nine ratio on youtube because that's the way that it is on youtube. Right? And, and then to, uh, we wouldn't always burn in our captions. Uh, we would really just upload caption files right to youtube itself.
But on Facebook we want to burn it because some people do not have that option on and you also ought to make sure when they are scrolling through it, you're grabbing that attention. So he is like, really? Exactly. And it's similar to the ratio we want to be a one by one ratio of ratio that is square. Right? So what other elements which we may really add to that video file? Can it be like to make it more of a meme that is video where we are placing texts the beginning of the ending, um, you know, is it engaging with different, different kinds of elements? That's the things you've got to consider when you're doing the edit. The thing I love is we have choices like cause they are called to action, we will need to , we did five or four different versions and if we did the production directly.
So if we speak about moving onto every stage, I think this is, this is quite significant also. There are obviously I think there are just two elements you may tell me. The first biggest one that people think of is the proportion of the movie. So if you create in 1 video, you've got to think about how that transcribes into the other ones. However, is there other, anything else you'd kind of need to be aware of if you are going to be generating content for state, Instagram or Facebook
So is that all for production? You know, like a great deal of people place a great deal of consideration in how things come together and just like what type of camera to use and so forth and so forth. However, I believe for me it is like be flexible. Although we ready, once you're really doing the movie you're likely going to have a script and have like that you're likely to get things. They're like, oh, this would be a lot better when we did so and you also know, take variants. Just like you have time, simply shoot at some variations. Hey, perhaps this will work better than this. And you know, which will help you the post production phase.
Or if we think of players, maybe Mohamed Sala, he's, that Liverpool is best player may be hitting on scoring against United, I do not know. Yeah, yeah, you can do different clips . But talking about they love, you know, Liverpool. And, and also the of it. Um, so I love to attempt and identify a couple of things. These are of what would that individual that if he sees with movie with bullet points. And two, I do research. Like I wish to go out there and also know how well I know somebody, I am like, what else is going on out there? So I do some research online trying to see whether there. Particularly when it's dealing with the issue at hand uh. So like for Liverpool, is there anything that's going on that would be in the news which would be relevant to, to the movie today?
And thus you must fortify it. And, also that point when we were talking about your brother, it's like if you add one of those other elements that is like, yeah, yeah, I enjoy this video. You know, you're like go from there. That's where he will stay on a bit more. And if you get 20 seconds, if he will reach there and really feel some kind of link to the video, they'll watch another moment, does not subsequently lead to more involvement on the videos too. So then they'd be more prone. And 12 we view comments. Yeah, absolutely. It is like as you're connecting with them and you're talking their language or however you're going to it, you're connecting with them on a psychological level and they feel part of something and they feel like dumb. It is like something that humanity feels bound to do.
You know, until we do that, there is a good deal of people who start recording read more and pick up a camera and that can be among the worst things you could do. And there are stages, like you mentioned, there is a stage of preparation, there's a point of creation, there's a stage of post production, and then there's a point for distribution. And each one of those phases are critical, uh, and they work in harmony together to get your video being seen. It's like you've got content and it can be shared by you on other programs, but it needs to be changed. Yeah. Since how you view on Instagram is different. How you view on Facebook and you view Youtube, how different, how you see on, on Linkedin or Twitter. And so at the end of the day, what we will need to do is really know how folks consume content on that, that stage and make content that would really work. Uh, and that's, that's the difference. Now you say and can go through the manufacturing, okay, I will take a portion of this. It is like you may have a 10 second video on youtube, however you're likely to only slice out possibly two minutes or three minutes on, on Facebook because it is going to perform a whole lot better that way.

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